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Adults’ section

Our adult section can be found on the first floor, where visitors can choose from CDs, DVDs and audio books besides books, periodicals, maps, and sheet music.

The library holdings cover polite literature books, which comprise Hungarian and international classics and contemporary items. Our professional books include popular items in every scientific field.
The ’free-shelf’ arrangement of the books, i.e. polite literature in alphabetical order, scientific literature divided into topics, ensures browsing conveniently in the library.
Our foreign language resources consist of primarily German and English works, but Italian, Spanish, and French texts are also included.
The library has been administering the newly purchased documents on computer since 1995. At that time we also started registering the previous items via computer, which process has eventually finished by now. Our institution uses the so called SZIKLA 21 integrated library system. Our readers can search in the database on the computers in the common room. Our colleagues are eager to help search and give information.
Several types of daily, weekly, and monthly periodicals are available for our visitors in the periodicals section of the Reading Room.
The basic cyclopaedias, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, monographies can be used only on the premises.
There are 8 computers in the adult section, on which you can work or surf the Internet free of charge.
The eHungary-point computer can be used for electronic administration free of charge.
The visually impaired can also use a computer in the library with the help of the Magic magnifying glass programme.
There is a local history researcher room on the second floor for the convenience of our visitors; the documents can be used only on the premises.