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Children section

BagolyOur children section can be found on the second floor.
It is spacious, comfortable, and has a lovely atmosphere.

It is worth coming here, because you can

choose from several fairy tales, poems, juvenile novels, and scientific books
read colourful magazines and can take home the previous issues
borrow slide strips, audio tapes, audio records, and audio books
book those items that are borrowed in advance
listen to fairy tales, poems, and different music
spend your free time beneficially with your friends, family members, acquaintances
play boardgames
do crosswords
ask for help with your homework
use our items in the reading room
apply for our tenders, quizzes
take part in our programmes, events
come for a library visit or library use lesson with your kindergarten group or school class
use a computer and the internet free of charge
ask for help and tell your problems to the librarians
play in the playground and take part in the monthly Baby-Mum club

Good to know:

Anyone can be a member of the children section from the youngest baby to a primary school student
Registration under 16 is free of charge
Your parents’ signature is necessary for your registration
10 documents can be borrowed at the same time for 3 weeks
You can ask for extension for the items twice if they are not booked in advance
If you have Internet access, you can extend the expiry date of your borrowed item via Internet on one occassion