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FEES- from January 1, 2012

Membership fee

- active workers and over 16 years HUF 1600/year

- students over 16 (50%) HUF 800/year

- college and university students

with valid student card(50%) HUF 800/year

- Disabled (50%, in case of a valid disability card) HUF 800/year

- Pensioners under 70 HUF 800/year

Visitor ticket (by name) free

Researcher ticket (not entitled to borrow books) HUF 250/year

Cost of lost membership card HUF 100/year

Additional services

CD club membership HUF 1000/month

DVD club membership HUF 1000/month

Video club membership HUF 1500/quarter

Supplementary membership card for home use of items

in the reading room and otherwise non-borrowable items,

periodicals between closing and opening hours

HUF 200/title

Default fees (except for items borrowed by supplementary membership card)

Adult section HUF 10 /calendar day/document

Children section HUF 5//calendar day/document

60 days after expiry date a recorded delivery note is sent, which costs: HUF 5 (ch.s.) and HUF 10 (ad.s.)day/ number of documents + HUF 500handling charge

Default fees for items with supplementary

membership card HUF 160/calendar day/item

Cost of lost or damaged in accordance with the rules of the library


vö. 3. számú függelék


A/4 size HUF 20/page

A/3 size HUF 40/page

Literature review research

- basic fee HUF 1000(1piece of A/4 size sheet)

- each additional sheet HUF 200/sheet

Postal cost of interlibrary loan under 500 g HUF600/document over 500 g HUF900/document

Notification about interlibrary loan book

- landline phone HUF 50/occassion

- mobile phone HUF 100/occassion

Printing from the data base

-black and white HUF 50/ page

- coloured HUF 100/ page

- printing images (b&w) HUF 100/ page

- printing images (c) HUF 200/ page

- scanning HUF 100/ page

- writing CD, DVD HUF 500/ piece


- receiving HUF 50/ page

- sending: within district 94 HUF 200/ page

outside the district HUF 300/ page


based on different zones of charge

1-9 HUF 400/ page

10 HUF 600/ page

11 HUF 1250/ page

Computer, Internet use

-library members HUF 100/hour

10-occassion season ticket HUF 800/piece

- non-members HUF200/half an hour, HUF300/ hour