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Új Magyarország



The collection is considered to be an independent collection and is organised by independent collection rules and regulations. The Library keeps the documents about the city and its surroundings: local content, content published locally, or written by local people regardless the type of the document.


The collection covers:

  • Traditional, printed materials:
    • books
    • Magazines, newspapers
    • Maps
    • Thesis papers
    • Invitations, posters…
    • Minutes, proceedings of the local government
  • Non-traditional materials:
    • micro films
    • Photographs
    • CDs
    • DVDs
    • Video tapes
    • CD-ROMs

The collection is aimed at fulfilling the needs evolving in local history research and providing the most versatile information about the past and present of Kőszeg and its surroundings.


  • Aid in local history research projects, events
  • Ensuring the use of local history resources in the library building
  • Providing information about the collection and from the collection
  • Publishing booklets and crossword magazines in the topic of local history
  • Bibliography research in the required topic on order for charge
  • Purchasing missing items on demand by inter-library rent in original or photocopied version

Data base

The Kőszeg Electronic Data Base has been constantly improved since 1995 by the Szikla 21 integrated library programme. Currently, the system comprises nearly 14000 articles and 1600 local reference books.

Local history content can be accessed by our online catalogue.


Local history documents can be used only on the premises.


Members with valid membership card or researcher ticket holders are entitled to use the service.