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Rules for Use

Kálmán Chernel Municipal Library-

Rules for Use

The Kálmán Chernel Municipal Library is a public service library; any registered member who accepts the terms and conditions can use its services. Users include library members and library visitors. Services are available in the current opening hours.

Free of charge ( with free visitor ticket) services:

  • ibrary visit

  • use of different collections on the premises ( except for the local history collection, which requires a researcher ticket)

  • use of the library catalogue

  • istening to music

  • reading periodicals

  • studying local government decrees, proposals, and orders

Fee-paying services :

  • borrowing documents (books, periodicals, sheet music, maps, audio records, audio tapes, slide strips, CDs, DVDs, CDRs, Videos)

  • interlibrary loan

  • iterature review research

  • Internet use

  • printing

  • scanning

  • writing CDs, DVDs

  • sending-receiving fax

  • photocopying


You can claim a membership card if you can show your valid identity card or passport.

Children under 14 can register after showing a bailing statement signed by an adult.

The current registration fee is included in the current fees section.

Readers under 16 and over 70 do not have to pay a registration fee.

Our library offers a 50% discount for the disabled, pensioners, and students over 16.

Having registered, the reader signs the registration statement, which lists the user’s duties towards the library.

In terms of personal data security, the library follows the regulations of act LXIII/1992 concerning data protection.

The reader is bound to announce any change regarding personal particulars to the library.

The membership expires a year after registration, but can be renewed by paying the annual membership fee.


You can borrow items with your own membership card.

10 documents (without supplementary membership card) can be borrowed at the same time for 3 weeks.

If there is no booking in advance registered in the system for the particular document, the reader can ask for an extension in person, via phone or email on two occassions.

If the reader does not claim an extension and does not bring back the document by the given deadline, a recorded delivery note will be sent 60 days after the expiry date and a default fee will be charged, the rate of which is included in the Fees section.

CDs, DVDs, videos can be borrowed with a valid supplementary membership card; 3 pieces at a time for a weekly-period of time. There is no extension option in this case.

No loan note is sent after the expiry date, default fees must be paid when returning the documents.

In case of lost or damaged documents, the value of the product must be paid, the relevant calculations can be found in Appendix 3.

Documents in the reading room can be borrowed for charge when the library is closed.

Booking in advance

Documents can be booked in advance in person, via phone or email.

Interlibrary loan

Those documents that are not in stock in our library are provided via interlibrary loan.

Postal costs must be paid by the reader in claim.

Use of computers

Regulations can be read in the use of computers manual by the computers.


Our visitors must use the cloakroom (coats, bags). Their belongings can be put into the lockers in the lobby or can be left in the cloakroom for safekeeping.

Users’ duties

The users of the library are expected to follow the generally accepted norms concerning their behaviour, they should not disturb the other readers, visitors. Consumption of food and drink is forbidden in the library; additionally, visitors must refrain from being noisy in the building.

In order to protect our equipment and documents take care of your appropriate appearance.

The institution can restrict the right for using the library. The reader who disturbs other visitors with his or her appearance or behaviour can be expelled from the library temporarily or permanently. The same regulation comes to operation when someone causes damage on purpose or steals library property; legal procedures can also be involved.

You can turn to the director of the library with your remarks, complaints and motions for the amendment of the Rules for Use either personally or by the "book of the readers' comments".

Kőszeg, January 2, 2012

Lajos Tiborné

Director of the Library

Appendix 1

Adult section

Opening hours in the school terms Opening hours in the summer break

Mon closed Mon closed

Tue,Wed,Fri 8.30am to 5.30pm Tue,Wed,Fri 8.30am to 5.00pm

Thu 8.30am to 7.00pm Thu 8.30am to 5.00pm

Sat 8.30am to 1.00pm Sat 8.30am to 12.00am

Children section

Opening hours in the school terms Opening hours in the summer break

Mon closed Mon closed

Tue-Fri 1.00pm-5.00pm Tue-Fri 1.00pm-5.00pm

Sat 8.30am-12.00am Sat closed

Appendix 2


FEES- from January 1, 2012

Membership fee

- active workers and over 16 years HUF 1600/year

- students over 16 (50%) HUF 800/year

- college and university students

with valid student card(50%) HUF 800/year

- Disabled (50%, in case of a valid disability card) HUF 800/year

- Pensioners under 70 HUF 800/year

Visitor ticket (by name) free

Researcher ticket (not entitled to borrow books) HUF 250/year

Cost of lost membership card HUF 100/year

Additional services

CD club membership HUF 1000/month

DVD club membership HUF 1000/month

Video club membership HUF 1500/quarter

Supplementary membership card for home use of items

in the reading room and otherwise non-borrowable items,

periodicals between closing and opening hours

HUF 200/title

Default fees (except for items borrowed by supplementary membership card)

Adult section HUF 10 /calendar day/document

Children section HUF 5//calendar day/document

60 days after expiry date a recorded delivery note is sent, which costs: HUF 5 (ch.s.) and HUF 10 (ad.s.)day/ number of documents + HUF 500handling charge

Default fees for items with supplementary

membership card HUF 160/calendar day/item

Cost of lost or damaged in accordance with the rules of the library


vö. 3. számú függelék


A/4 size HUF 20/page

A/3 size HUF 40/page

Literature review research

- basic fee HUF 1000(1piece of A/4 size sheet)

- each additional sheet HUF 200/sheet

Postal cost of interlibrary loan under 500 g HUF600/document over 500 g HUF900/document

Notification about interlibrary loan book

- landline phone HUF 50/occassion

- mobile phone HUF 100/occassion

Printing from the data base

-black and white HUF 50/ page

- coloured HUF 100/ page

- printing images (b&w) HUF 100/ page

- printing images (c) HUF 200/ page

- scanning HUF 100/ page

- writing CD, DVD HUF 500/ piece


- receiving HUF 50/ page

- sending: within district 94 HUF 200/ page

outside the district HUF 300/ page


based on different zones of charge

1-9 HUF 400/ page

10 HUF 600/ page

11 HUF 1250/ page

Computer, Internet use

-library members HUF 100/hour

10-occassion season ticket HUF 800/piece

- non-members HUF200/half an hour, HUF300/ hour

3. sz. melléklet

Definition of value of collection

Publication date and price of the document Multiplying number

Published in 1999 or later 1-2

Published in 1998 or earlier

Over HUF 501 3-4

Between HUF 401 and HUF 500 5-6

Between HUF 301 and HUF 400 7-8

Between HUF 201 and HUF 300 9-10

Between HUF 101 and HUF 200 11-14

Under HUF 100 15-30

The way of calculation: the original price of the document should be multiplied by the multiplying number.

The multiplying variables are influenced by the following circumstances:

- Are there any other copies of the given book?

-Can it be purchased nowadays?

-Is it a widely used document?

In case of rare and valuable documents, the Library can demand the cost of photocopying and binding the lost document. In this case the Library orders the document via interlibrary loan and has it binded with the help of Dániel Berzsenyi Library.

Appendix 4

Rules for eHungary computer use

Dear Visitor!

Conditions of using the computers:

  • Valid membership card. Children under 14 can use the computer only with adult guidance.

  • Computers can be used exclusively in the opening hours. The cost of use for registered members is HUF 100/hour, other visitors HUF 200/ half an hour or HUF 300/hour.

  • Booking in advance for the computers is available at the librarians and they can be asked for the multimedia documents as well

  • Please, fill in the registration sheet at the counter.

  • The computer can be used for an hour at a time; though, if there is noone else waiting for the service, longer period of time can be accepted.

  • Maximum two users can sit in front of the same computer.

  • Please follow the rules of Netikett ( ).

  • Please follow the generally accepted moral and behavioural norm during use (shocking content, noise level, etc.) Otherwise, you can be expelled from the library temporarily.

  • We do not guarantee the safety of your data as others can also use the computers.

  • Our services: printing (HUF 50/page-black and white; HUF 100/page-colour), writing CD (HUF 500), scanning (HUF 100/page)

  • Ask the librarian for help in case of printing, scanning, or writing CD.

  • Programmes retrieved from the Internet are strictly forbidden to set up unless they are crucial for your work.

  • Only virus-scanned devices can be used.

  • Your portable devices cannot be linked to the internet access of the library, but can be used for working purposes and saving data.

  • Please do not switch off the computer when finishing use.

  • In case of breaking the rules, you will be expelled from the library.

  • You are bound to pay the damages caused on purpose.