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  1. Services without membership:

  • information about the collections and services in the library

  • photocopying, printing, scanning

  • use of computer and Internet (200 HUF/30 min, 300 HUF/hour)

  • sending and receiving fax

  • using documents only in the library (regarding the restricted collections)

  • independent administration (eHungary-venue)

  • independent use of the traditional and electronic catalogues of the library

  • events, exhibitions

  • inductive loop for people with hearing problems

  • ibrary lessons and topic-oriented activities for nursery and elementary school students

  • online catalogue

  1. Services with membership:

  • circulation (book, audio book, newspapers, magazines, maps, sheet music, records, casettes, filmstrips)

  • advance booking

  • delivery service (elderly, sick, disabled readers)

  • inter-library rent

  • getting information

  • reading and listening to music in the library

  • preparing bibliography research

  • ocal history research

  • screen-magnifying programme for people with visual problems

  • reading machine

  • magnifying machine

  • use of computer and Internet (100 HUF/hour)

  • NAVA-point use

  • online –service: extension, advance booking

Services with supplementary membership:

  • video rent (1500HUF/quarter)

  • CD rent (1000 HUF/month)

  • DVD rent (1000 HUF/month)

Interlibrary loan

Those documents that are not available in our stock are provided by interlibrary loan.

All of those members are entitled to use this service who pay for the postal costs of the documents. Libraries do not lend periodicals, but a copy of the articles can be obtained. The cost of photocopying is determined by the library supplying the service.

You can enquire in the library in person, or from your home on our website (


NAVA – National AudioVisual Archive


NAVA (National Audiovisual Archive of Hungary) constitutes the legal deposit archive of the Hungarian national broadcasters, collecting audiovisual content. Its scope of collection comprises the programmes of the national terrestrial televisions and radios, produced in or relating to Hungary. In addition, it also accepts locally broadcast or any other audivisual content for processing and storing, facilitating the preservation of audiovisual content as part of the cultural heritage.

An on-line access to its collection is available (, but the programmes can be viewed in full at the so-called NAVA-points (terminals in libraries, schools).